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Good Agricultural Practices Manual

This manual, originally published by the California Pistachio Commission, has been updated by the California Pistachio Research Board. The intent is to provide guidance to pistachio growers on reducing the risk of food borne contaminants. A "Self-Audit" form is included as a tool to use with this manual.

Good Agricultural Practices Manual (PDF)
Good Agricultural Practices Self-Assessment Questionnaire (PDF)

Pistachio Production Manual

This manual was written for and distributed during the University of California Cooperative Extension Pistachio Short Course, November 2005. It contains 31 chapters plus graphics. Each individual chapter can be downloaded, viewed and printed as PDF files from

Sample Costs to Establish and Produce Pistachios

The detailed costs for establishment of a pistachio orchard and production of pistachios in the San Joaquin Valley are presented in this study conducted by University of California Cooperative Extension. Sample costs are given for labor, materials, equipment, and contract services based on 2004 figures. This study is only intended as a guide. Some costs and practices may not be applicable to every situation and additional practices not listed may be required in some instances.

A complete copy of this study and for many other commodities can be requested through the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis, (530) 752-4424, from selected county Cooperative Extension offices, or downloaded from the Web site: