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The Administrative Committee for Pistachios is a Federal Marketing Order for pistachios grown in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The order sets standards for the quality of pistachios produced and handled in the three state area by establishing a maximum aflatoxin tolerance level and mandatory inspection and certification for domestic shipments of pistachios. California, Arizona, and New Mexico produce 99.99% of the pistachios in the United States. The order also supports research, and collects and publishes crop and shipment statistics.

Marketing orders and marketing agreements are designed to help stabilize market conditions for fruits and vegetables and specialty crops. The programs assist farmers in allowing them to work collectively to solve marketing problems. Industries voluntarily enter into these programs and choose to have Federal oversight of certain aspects of their operations. The USDA's Marketing Order Administration Branch of the Fruit and Vegetable Programs oversees the programs to make sure the orders and agreements operate in the public interest and within legal bounds. Presently, there are 34 active marketing agreement and order programs, which collect assessment fees from handlers to cover operation and administrative costs of the programs.

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